Nillumbik Osteopathic Health Centre

Older adults

A natural ageing of the body’s joints occurs as we get older – causing pain and stiffness. Many people simply learn to live with this, believing it to be untreatable. But osteopathic management may be able to help. Our osteopaths provide manual treatments which may help to provide body balance and circulation, reduce pain and increase joint mobility (21, 34, 91).

As we age our joints and soft tissues lose elasticity and become less mobile – leading to an increased chance of injury or strain. And unfortunately with age, recovery time from these complaints can take longer.

Osteopathic treatment may assist with joint and muscle stiffness, back (33), neck and arm pain, hip and knee pain as well as stiffness, musculoskeletal effects of arthritis (21, 23) and joint swelling. It may also help to relieve pain from chronic conditions such as degenerative joint disease (22, 23).

Our osteopaths always take a thorough case history to determine any underlying medical conditions and will also note any current medications taken to determine whether treatment is appropriate. And to ensure a complete approach to healthcare is taken our osteopaths will work in connection with your general practitioner.

Our clinic’s team of osteopaths use a range of manual techniques tailored to each individual patient’s needs. They’ll also provide advice on nutrition, as well as home-based stretching and age-appropriate exercise.

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